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It’s realy easy to use our VR glasses

Innovative headset to create the effect of presence immerses you in the real world with a volume of 360 viewing angle. Enjoy truly realistic images due to the higher resolution and higher density pixel.

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Virtual Reality. Any Phone. Anywhere

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See our customers’ reviews

I love the gadgets, new technologies and I like new things. This is a very polished product, and this thing can transport you to a realistic experience of a new world. I am very happy because I have this gadget.

Whitney Green

I had bought VR glasses and invited all my friends. We tested this super new gadget, it’s like having the first television. Everyone from 9-year-olds to 79 years olds to a person has just said WOW.

Craig Jennings

In terms of gadgets its just awesome – I flew a plane, I went underwater in a sub I played a totally immersive shoot out with four strangers where I literally had to get on the floor to hide behind a VR wall.

Nicolas Williams

Great to travel the world and see whats out there. Also a good training aid for different subjects to see actual hands on experience. Fun to watch other people who have never experienced VR before.

Sylvia Adams

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